9 Food-centric tips for saving money in Aruba

Depending on your dining habits the cost of eating and drinking can be either the major expense of your vacation or a small percentage of overall costs.  If you are anything like me, chances are it’s the former.  After all, I love my food and on vacation that love gets cranked up to eleven.  The…


EP53 – Finding Your Aruba Home Away from Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rent a home or condo on Aruba? Well if you have this is the show for you. On episode 53 of One Happy Podcast Maggie and I are going to be talking about we find and rent vacation homes in Aruba. While this isn’t an episode that everyone will use, I believe it’s one that everyone will find interesting. It’s chock full of information about the process of renting a vacation home in Aruba.

During this 40 minute episode, we go through our entire Aruba vacation rental evolution from being newbies to the seasoned vets we have become. What I think makes this particular episode so useful is we go over not only some of the tools we use but the things we look for in a rental. It’s actually a summarized account of what we actually did. So if you are someone who may one day want to rent a private residence in Aruba this is a great place to start. In the future, we will do more detailed episodes focusing on the different aspects of renting but this is a great overview.


EP52: Aruba Vacation Planning Pt1 – Deciding when

This episode of One Happy Podcast the Officially Unofficial Podcast of the island of Aruba is going to be a bit different from the norm. Today Maggie and I are beginning part 1 of a multi-episode series about Planning a vacation to Aruba. More specifically on this introductory episode we discuss what goes into planning when to visit the island, how we book our tickets and deciding on where to stay.

It’s kind of funny because when we plan the discussion goes so streamlined that you don’t realize what all goes into these decisions. I guess once you graduate to Aruba regular status you have a pretty good routine down. Even so I think it’s interesting to hear how others arrive at their decisions. Today we are deciding on the timing of the trip, which is probably the single most important piece of the puzzle. We are also discussing how we decide on an airline, which is a large part of the expense. Lastly, we discuss how we choose where to stay on a visit to Aruba. These are all very important factors that need to be carefully considered when booking a vacation.


EP51: Amazing Aruba Early Bird Dinners

On this episode of the podcast, we attempt to look at 10 different restaurants and their early-bird menus. For those of you not familiar with early-bird specials, here is a breakdown. Oftentimes restaurants will offer a portion of their menu as nightly specials for those who come in for dinner before a certain time. For example, a restaurant may want to increase traffic between the hours of 5pm and 7 pm, this is where an early-bird really comes in handy. The restaurant will put together a limited menu of appetizer, entree, and dessert and sell them as a package deal, at a discount. This practice was called early-bird due to the same the early bird gets the worm… or in this case, the early bird gets the discount pricing.


EP50: Things to do in Aruba after dark

On today’s episode of One Happy Podcast, we are tackling an issue that is near and dear to many of our hearts. What do you do in Aruba after the sun goes down?

Aruba is absolutely incredible during the daytime and even in the early evening. Also, the culinary offerings available on the island are some of the best in the Caribbean. However, it’s been said that after dinner Aruba lags behind some of the other islands in the Caribbean.

Now if you have been visiting for a while you are probably on your way to developing a network amongst locals. But if you are relatively new to the island or if you are someone that likes to stay close to the resort your view of Aruba nightlife may be very different. This episode of the show takes a look at some of the nightlife options available to tourists on the island of Aruba.