EP14: Daniel Putkowski Takes Us An Island Away

Joining me on this episode of One Happy Podcast is best selling Author Daniel Putkowski. Daniel is the author of several books including the iconic aruba based An Island Island Away and its followup Under a Blue Flag. Additionally Daniel also has a fantastic travel blog called the Bentpage that is one of my favorite sources for information about the part of Aruba that is off the tourist trail.

Daniel first visited the island more than 20 years ago on business and has been going back nearly every year ever since. Due to the way he was introduced to Aruba, Daniel was welcomed into the Aruba social scene in a way not many can claim. It was this insiders of Aruba and particularly the once booming refinery town of San Nicolaas that made his first book An Island Away so authentically awesome!


EP13: Alyssa and Louis Take a Holiday Inn Aruba

Joining me on this episode of One Happy podcast is a repeat guest, the multi-talented Louis Johnson. Louis was a guest on episode 6 of the show but this time has brought along a surprise, Aruba first-timer his lovely girlfriend Alyssa.

Back in February Alyssa and Louis were fortunate enough to be able to escape the harsh New York winter for an incredible week at the Palm Beach Aruba Holiday Inn. They picked a great time as the Northeast United States was pelted once again pretty much as soon as they touched down

On this episode you will hear Alyssa and Louis talk about the Aruba Holiday Inn and the recent changes (both good and bad) they’ve made, Aruba Carnival, snorkeling at Baby Beach and much more. If you ask me the real treat you get to see it through the eyes of a newbie.


EP12: Stephen’s Excellent Aruba Culinary Experience

Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is International man of mystery Stephen from Toronto or act1966 if you are a member of the forums at aruba.com. A lover of Aruba, Stephen was kind enough to stop by the podcast to talk about why he feels Aruba is special.

On this episode you will hear Stephen and I talk about what its like to go from subzero temperatures to the constant meteorological perfection of Aruba. You will also hear about some of the benefits to renting a villa, something I know many of you have questions about.

One of the big focuses of this episode of One Happy Podcast is the Aruba restaurant scene. Stephen and I discuss just how amazing it is that an island so small is able to provide such an outstanding culinary experience. If you are a foodie this is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss.


Ep11: Maggie G and “Aruba” Curt Narrowly Escape the Snow March 2015

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, the officially unofficial podcast of Aruba I am joined once again by Maggie G. Some of you may remember Maggie from the very first episode of the show “Beach Bumming in Aruba with Maggie G”. Well we just recently returned from another trip and thought a review of some of the highlights needed to be done. Those of you who have listened to other episodes may notice that on these show notes I have time stamped topics so if you are interested in a particular topic you can just fast forward to the time listed in parentheses.


Ep10: Desiree Eldering Introduces Us to the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

On this episode of One Happy Podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Desiree Eldering the Managing Director of the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary. Desiree was kind enough to stop by to tell me all about the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary and its inhabitants.

Now the average tourist visiting Aruba probably never leaves the beaches of Aruba. Those lucky few tourists who do venture off the beaten path to this Aruban treasure will be able to see and interact with some of the 130+ donkeys cared for at the Sanctuary.

On this episode I spend just under 30 minutes talking to Desiree and one thing that is abundantly clear from the interview is how much she loves the Donkey. So if you are traveling to Aruba and want to do something a bit out of the ordinary, the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is a great place to start.