EP78 – Aruba Curt and Maggie’s February 2017 Trip Recap

On this “Super-sized” episode of Aruba’s number one podcast, “One Happy Podcast”, I am being joined by my partner in crime Maggie. We will be going over our most recent trip to Aruba which took place from February 25th through March 6th. If you haven’t heard any of these recap episodes before, we basically go over everything we did on our visit. We start from departing our home all the way through boarding the plane to return home.

During this hour-plus long episode of the show, we go over several activities we participated in down on the island. Some of these activities include Aruba Ray’s Comedy at the Marriott Stellaris Hotel and Casino, the brand new Kukoo Kunuku Wine and Tapas tour, watching the Grand Carnival Parade, beach hopping, bar hopping and skydiving. We also talk about the restaurants we visited during the vacation. Among the restaurants we discussed are some of our old favorites like Quinta Del Carmen and Azzurro as well as places we visited for the first time like Legend’s and Aflie’s. All together I think we talk about more than 20 different eateries. I’m not sure how you eat at more than 20 different places in 10 days, especially since we repeated a couple and packed lunches at times.

While ten days is a nice length of time to be in Aruba, for some reason it still was not enough. The need you feel for wanting to get back into your Aruba routine directly clashes with wanting to try new things. For an island that is so darn small, no matter how many times or how often you visit there is always something new to discover. Maybe that’s just one more reason why we all keep coming back.

Maggie and I had a lot of fun on the trip and continued that fun during this podcast episode. We opened a bottle of wine, turned on the microphones and this is what happened. Thank you so much for supporting the show. Also, please excuse my congestion going from Aruba to Baltimore clogged me up for a couple of days so I do sound a bit more nasally than normal.


EP77: Aruba Ray Ellin – Aruba Ray’s Comedy Feb 2017

Episode 77 of One Happy Podcast welcomes back Aruba Ray Ellin to the show. Ray as you probably already know is the comedian responsible for bringing Aruba Ray’s Comedy to the Marriott Stellaris. Aruba Ray’s Comedy is basically a New York City comic club transplanted down to the island of Aruba. In fact, it is actually listed as the number 1 show on Aruba.


EP76 – Getting Happy in Aruba with Regina Crusan

On this episode of Aruba’s number one podcast, “One Happy Podcast”, I am being joined by fellow aruba-phile Regina Crusan.  Regina first discovered Aruba about 14 years ago.  For her 40th birthday she decided to visit the island she would eventually come to love.  However, unlike many of you listening Regina didn’t initially feel the…


EP75 – Aruba Curt and Maggs Feb 2017 Pre Aruba Special

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, I am being joined by my partner in crime and favorite co-host Maggie.  Being that we are preparing for another trip to Aruba, we figured this would be a good time to do our pre-Aruba vacation special.  So this is the show where we talk about what we…


EP74: Talking Aruba Resorts with Tracey Beaver

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, I am lucky enough to be joined by friend of the show and Aruba veteran Tracey Beaver. Tracey first appeared on the show way back in episode 8. During that episode, we learned all about her discovery of Aruba and how she’s grown from newbie to seasoned vacationer. Now nearly two years later we check back in to see how her love for the island has evolved. Fresh off a trip to Aruba Tracey has now stayed at a half dozen different properties. Additionally, Tracey has accumulated a whole list of amazing restaurants to recommend.

Over the course of this info-packed hour-long episode of the show, we touch on so many topics you may want to listen twice. It’s not often you have the opportunity to sit down with someone with such a diverse understanding of so many resorts. I ask Tracey which resort is best suited for couples, families, budget travelers, etc. She also takes the time to school me on the procedure for renting a timeshare. Also, Tracey fills me in on some of her newly discovered restaurants, as well as a few excursions she has experienced in the past.