So, as I mentioned on Episode 64 of One Happy Podcast, I kicked around the idea of putting up a donation link on the website.  While I do love putting these shows together there is a cost associated with them. You have hosting and equipment.  Hosting cost is negligible and I have adequate equipment, so I didn’t want it to be just about that.  So while I would obviously be thankful for anyone who wants to kick in for those sorts of expenses, as you all know I do like to drink and any alcoholic beverages donated would be awesome.

So I put together some donation links using PayPal.  No one is obligated but if you enjoy the podcasts, newsletter or any other content I put out and want to donate here are the links.


Balashi Beer Bucket

Tip Curt any amount you’d like- enter in any amount you’d like

Buy Aruba Curt a Balashi – 5 dollar donation

Buy Aruba Curt a Bucket of Balashi – 20 dollar donation