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The Best Thing I Ever Ate... in Aruba
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Everyone has their very own Aruba story.  What’s Yours?

Right now I am looking for people to interview for a future episode of One Happy Podcast.  If you have a love for Aruba then you are perfect for the show!  All it takes is 45-60 minutes of your time, a free Skype account (I can walk you through install… takes 2 minutes) and a willingness to share your Aruba story.

The interview itself just consists of the two of us having a conversation about our favorite topic.  All the recording is done on my end and I also do the editing to make certain both of us sound amazing!  The conversation can be open ended or based around a central them and I have a pretty flexible schedule that allows me to accommodate most times.

Let’s talk about Aruba.  Don’t be shy I promise you will have a blast!

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