One Happy Podcast is a podcast centered around a love for the island of Aruba.

Join us as the host “Aruba” Curt Robinson interviews travelers, locals, business owners and residents who all share a common love for Aruba.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Let hearing the story of how these individuals experiences in Aruba help you plan your next vacation, or perhaps re-live the one you just finished.

If you are anything like me you can never get enough Aruba, it truly is unlike any other place in the world.  The problem is once vacation ends, most of have to leave Aruba to return to the real world. While we all try to take the spirit of One Happy Island home with us, with “One Happy Podcast”, you can always experience Aruba On-Demand.

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Episode 107: Aruba Curt and Maggie Feb 2018 Vacation Part 1

It’s right about time for my first trip to Aruba this 2018 with none other than Maggie. We’re going to be down there on the island from February 24th to March 5th for a total of 9 days.   We usually have a stable routine which includes booking a pre-flight hotel and flying out from…


EP106 – Andrew Farley Appreciates All Aruba Has to Offer

Take a trip to Andrew Farley’s Aruba, a three-time Aruba visitor from South Carolina who has been all around the world. Find out what makes Aruba as Andrew’s favorite island out of all the island he visited so far. Andrew decided to purchase a Marriott timeshare in Aruba by being acquainted with the Marriott’s properties…


THIS WEEK IN ARUBA: 12 – 18 FEBRUARY, 2018 – Presented by One Happy Podcast

Let’s find out what’s happening this week in Aruba, February 12th to February 18th.

As you know, the sole purpose of this podcast is to help you make your week in Aruba as flawless as possible and we do that by highlighting some of the events and activities in the island that you can add to your schedule as well as cruise ship schedules.

Events happening around the island are pretty sparse as expected due to Aruba Carnival having just ended, however, this is also the most romantic week of the year and there are a few places you can go to make your Valentine’s Day more special.