Ep6 – Sunsets in Aruba with Louis Johnson

On this latest episode of One Happy Podcast I am being joined by Louis Johnson. Louis is an Aruba fanatic who is about to embark on his fourth visit to the island. Louis reached out to me via the One Happy Podcast share your story link expressing an interest in being a guest. Within a few days everything was set up and we were recording.
Throughout this episode of One Happy Podcast one thing will be very apparent to everyone listening and that is Louis’s passion for Aruba. Being that it is late January many of us are being forced to endure sub-freezing temperatures but believe me when I say this episode is a nice bit of relief from the cold, snow or in my case at the moment freezing rain.

Over the course of this 40 minute interview we talk about everything from the most amazing view of the sunset at one end of the island to one of the most amazing beaches in the world at the other end. When this episode is over I guarantee you will either be thanking your lucky star you have a future trip to Aruba planned or will be compelled to start booking your next trip. Hope you enjoy!


EP5 – Touring the Aruba Ostrich Farm with Gina

Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is Gina one of the amazing tour guides at the Aruba Ostrich Farm.Gina is kind enough to share her knowledge about these giants of the bird world and tells us why guests should leave the beach to visit this off the beaten path Aruba tourist attraction.


Aruba Style “Twas the Night Before Christmas” 2014

So here I am just finished wrapping presents with nothing to do. Not really anything I want to watch on Netflix so I decided I wanted to do something “Christmasy” for the podcast. Although I started out pretty unimaginative, luckily I had a friend hanging around to help me out. After about a half hour of brainstorming my friend glasses o’ wine came up with a brilliant idea. He said to me why don’t you redo Twas the night before Christmas, with an Aruban twist.

Now I know it’s been done quite a few times in different ways but after glasses O prodded me 3 or 4 times I decided to go all in. So here it is, my rendition of Twas the night before Christmas Aruban style. I hope you enjoy.


EP4 – Tourism Done Right with Vallon Davis

Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is Vallon Davis. Vallon comes to us from the Southern Caribbean Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Vallon reached out to me for an interview via the “share your story” link located at the top of this website and was nothing short of fantastic.

Being that Vallon lives amongst the Caribbean vibe he has a spirit that over the course of the interview you really learn to appreciate. In fact, as you will hear, he even finds a silver lining in a dark cloud that would have ruined vacation for most of us. By the end of the episode it really is clear just how much Vallon loves Aruba.


EP3 – Investing in the Family with Cindy and Rob O.

In my ongoing quest to find the best guests for One Happy Podcast I was thrilled when Rob and Cindy O from the Aruba.com message boards accepted my invitation. Rob and Cindy have been visiting Aruba with their daughters since 1997 and have over that time accumulated a number of timeshare properties.

As Rob and Cindy gear up for their 19th trip we discuss what made them choose Aruba as a vacation destination as well as what keeps them coming back year after year. Seventeen years ago Cindy and Rob made a decision that would lay the groundwork for a lifetime of harmony, happiness and togetherness. That decision was to make an investment in their family. This is that story,