EP76 – Getting Happy in Aruba with Regina Crusan

On this episode of Aruba’s number one podcast, “One Happy Podcast”, I am being joined by fellow aruba-phile Regina Crusan.  Regina first discovered Aruba about 14 years ago.  For her 40th birthday she decided to visit the island she would eventually come to love.  However, unlike many of you listening Regina didn’t initially feel the…


EP75 – Aruba Curt and Maggs Feb 2017 Pre Aruba Special

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, I am being joined by my partner in crime and favorite co-host Maggie.  Being that we are preparing for another trip to Aruba, we figured this would be a good time to do our pre-Aruba vacation special.  So this is the show where we talk about what we…


EP74: Talking Aruba Resorts with Tracey Beaver

On this episode of One Happy Podcast, I am lucky enough to be joined by friend of the show and Aruba veteran Tracey Beaver. Tracey first appeared on the show way back in episode 8. During that episode, we learned all about her discovery of Aruba and how she’s grown from newbie to seasoned vacationer. Now nearly two years later we check back in to see how her love for the island has evolved. Fresh off a trip to Aruba Tracey has now stayed at a half dozen different properties. Additionally, Tracey has accumulated a whole list of amazing restaurants to recommend.

Over the course of this info-packed hour-long episode of the show, we touch on so many topics you may want to listen twice. It’s not often you have the opportunity to sit down with someone with such a diverse understanding of so many resorts. I ask Tracey which resort is best suited for couples, families, budget travelers, etc. She also takes the time to school me on the procedure for renting a timeshare. Also, Tracey fills me in on some of her newly discovered restaurants, as well as a few excursions she has experienced in the past.


EP73: Checking in with Marie Geerman of Aruba Flight Volunteers

Joining me today on Episode 73 of One Happy Podcast is Marie Geerman of Aruba Flight Volunteers and the New Life for Paws. Marie has been a guest on One Happy Podcast a couple of times before on episode 15 and episode 30. Just to catch you up Marie has been traveling to Aruba for 30 years and even lived there for just about a decade. Her husband is Aruban and she even has an Aruban born son. In other words, Marie has a connection to the island as strong as any. When you combine that connection to Aruba with her love for animals what you get is some extremely driven to impact the quality of life of the animals of Aruba.


EP72: Exploring La Cabana with Kellie Shackleton

Joining me on episode 72 of One Happy Podcast is a guest who has been visiting Aruba for 8 years, Kellie Shackleton. She first discovered Aruba thanks to a timeshare presentation in Florida. This led to Kellie discovering her ideal timeshare property, La Cabana. She can usually be found traveling with a group of friends to the island a couple of times each year. Thankfully I was able to catch up with Kellie in between visits to Aruba. She was just on the island about a month ago and will be returning very shortly.

This episode of One Happy Podcast is all about how a group of girls spends their time on One Happy Island. Kellie is nice enough to show us La Cabana through her eyes and also educate us on how Blue-Green timeshares work. Over the course of this interview, we also talk about various experiences, restaurants, and activities Kellie and her friends have enjoyed on Aruba.