EP57a: Arrival Days 1 and 2 in Aruba July 2016

Episode 57a of One Happy Podcast is actually going to be broken up into 3 parts. This first part is a recap of our first two days in Aruba. It begins with us waking up in Baltimore on Tuesday morning getting ready for our flight. Then it progresses through days 1 and 2 of our latest Aruba adventure.
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EP56 – Important Aruba Stuff Like the Restaurants and Entertainment July 2016

Episode 56 is the last in our series on planning our vacation to Aruba. In this episode, Maggie and I go over what we plan on doing while in Aruba. So if you are into restaurant talk this is the one for you. That being said all the others are also informative and in my opinion pretty entertaining. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to those yet, please make sure you do.


EP55: Packing for our trip to Aruba

On this episode of One Happy Podcast Maggie and I continue our “Planning an Aruba Vacation” series, with the latest episode being about packing for your trip. Although Maggie and I always travel together we have two very different packing styles. Her’s is to meticulously plan out each and every step and then bring something for every possible contingency. My packing style is to bring what you feel you’ll use and if it’s not enough… you make it enough.


EP54 – Renting a car to explore Aruba

This episode is me exploring our options for rental car agency. I went to visitaruba.com to look at their list of rental car agencies. From that list, I eliminated the large chains like Hertz and Avis. I didn’t have a reason for eliminating those agencies I just want to go with someone local. The requirements I had was an agency that rented to vacationers not staying at a resort because some do have that rule. I am also looking for a good combination of customer service and price. Sending the email gives me a chance to test the service and I am using the prices listed on their websites for an apple to apple comparison. Please note that the price listed on the website may not be the actual cost of the rental but was the only fair way for me to compare different sites. Also, just because I do love tooling around Aruba in a big Jeep I also looked at the prices on Jeeps… you never know.


EP53 – Finding Your Aruba Home Away from Home

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rent a home or condo on Aruba? Well if you have this is the show for you. On episode 53 of One Happy Podcast Maggie and I are going to be talking about we find and rent vacation homes in Aruba. While this isn’t an episode that everyone will use, I believe it’s one that everyone will find interesting. It’s chock full of information about the process of renting a vacation home in Aruba.

During this 40 minute episode, we go through our entire Aruba vacation rental evolution from being newbies to the seasoned vets we have become. What I think makes this particular episode so useful is we go over not only some of the tools we use but the things we look for in a rental. It’s actually a summarized account of what we actually did. So if you are someone who may one day want to rent a private residence in Aruba this is a great place to start. In the future, we will do more detailed episodes focusing on the different aspects of renting but this is a great overview.


EP52: Aruba Vacation Planning Pt1 – Deciding when

This episode of One Happy Podcast the Officially Unofficial Podcast of the island of Aruba is going to be a bit different from the norm. Today Maggie and I are beginning part 1 of a multi-episode series about Planning a vacation to Aruba. More specifically on this introductory episode we discuss what goes into planning when to visit the island, how we book our tickets and deciding on where to stay.

It’s kind of funny because when we plan the discussion goes so streamlined that you don’t realize what all goes into these decisions. I guess once you graduate to Aruba regular status you have a pretty good routine down. Even so I think it’s interesting to hear how others arrive at their decisions. Today we are deciding on the timing of the trip, which is probably the single most important piece of the puzzle. We are also discussing how we decide on an airline, which is a large part of the expense. Lastly, we discuss how we choose where to stay on a visit to Aruba. These are all very important factors that need to be carefully considered when booking a vacation.


EP51: Amazing Aruba Early Bird Dinners

On this episode of the podcast, we attempt to look at 10 different restaurants and their early-bird menus. For those of you not familiar with early-bird specials, here is a breakdown. Oftentimes restaurants will offer a portion of their menu as nightly specials for those who come in for dinner before a certain time. For example, a restaurant may want to increase traffic between the hours of 5pm and 7 pm, this is where an early-bird really comes in handy. The restaurant will put together a limited menu of appetizer, entree, and dessert and sell them as a package deal, at a discount. This practice was called early-bird due to the same the early bird gets the worm… or in this case, the early bird gets the discount pricing.


EP50: Things to do in Aruba after dark

On today’s episode of One Happy Podcast, we are tackling an issue that is near and dear to many of our hearts. What do you do in Aruba after the sun goes down?

Aruba is absolutely incredible during the daytime and even in the early evening. Also, the culinary offerings available on the island are some of the best in the Caribbean. However, it’s been said that after dinner Aruba lags behind some of the other islands in the Caribbean.

Now if you have been visiting for a while you are probably on your way to developing a network amongst locals. But if you are relatively new to the island or if you are someone that likes to stay close to the resort your view of Aruba nightlife may be very different. This episode of the show takes a look at some of the nightlife options available to tourists on the island of Aruba.


EP49: Cheryl Talcof and Yappy Hour

Joining me on this 49th episode of One Happy Podcast is friend of the show, Cheryl Talcof. Now as many of you probably remember, Cheryl was a guest on a previous episode, just about one year ago. Actually I recorded her first appearance on May 19th of last year. Well she is back once again to talk about some things happening on the island.

We start off talking about a new gourmet grocery store that is coming to the island. I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to not only residents but those of us who don’t mind cooking while on vacation. Cheryl also breaks the news about a very popular pizza parlor that is making a major location change. Rounding out our food talk is her endorsement on a restaurant that I missed the last time I was down in Aruba. Its called La Terrazza Italiana and I was bummed that it was closed our last night in paradise.

Cheryl and I also spend a bit of time talking about the Aruba Animal Relief Foundation, including a new(ish) event they have going on. You may have seen postings or advertisements about something called Yappy hour. Well, Aruba Yappy Hour is actually Cheryl’s baby and whatever you read about it, doesn’t do it justice the way hearing it straight from one of the organizer’s will.


EP 48 : Volcano David and Brenda Buy Their Aruba Dream Home

Joining me today on One Happy Podcast is a relative newbie to Aruba, David Cohen. However despite having only been to the island a handful of times David is so far ahead of most visitors in one aspect. They not only decided that Aruba was the place they would like to eventually retire to, David and Brenda actually purchased a home there.

After having first visited the island on their engagement cruise, David and Brenda would return to the island to be married (which is a story in itself). The next time, Aruba whispered in their ear to buy a timeshare, and they did, at the Playa Linda. Shortly thereafter Aruba made another suggestion, why don’t you buy a home here, and they did. I guess it’s one of those things where when it feels right there is no use deliberating, you just make it happen, which is exactly what they did.

On this episode of the show we start out hearing about the process of getting married on the island. Also David fills me in on how someone manages to go from first time visitor to purchasing a home in Aruba in three short years. David tells the story of how they knew which of the nine houses they viewed was the right one. He also gives a little advice that may be helpful to anyone who is thinking about purchasing real estate on the island. We also talk about the activities David and Brenda enjoy while on island and it wouldn’t be a show without discussing which restaurants make the list.