EP1 – Beach Bumming in Aruba With Maggie G

What is your version of Aruba like? Join us as Maggie G takes us on a journey to her Aruba. Maggie G is an Aruba fan who first visited the island 10 years ago on a cruise who has decided that one day in port isn’t enough and now visits a week at a time. Maggie also happens to be my best friend on the planet.

While in Aruba Maggie spends her time preparing for her dream job of being, a professional beach bum. In the rare times when Maggie is not lounging around on one of Aruba’s beautiful beaches she also likes exploring the rugged North Shore of Aruba. At night there is a game called, “which Palm Beach restaurant is my favorite?” Maggie plays.

Just like the rest of us it’s clear that Maggie loves Aruba and I really think that comes across in this interview. She shares some of her favorite restaurants, activities, resources and at the end enters into the eye of the hurricane.